There was a time when Commissioning was considered by many to simply be something which happened when Construction was finished. Needless to say this led to disagreement between those responsible and, as was always the case, it was the project’s objectives & targets which inevitably suffered.

The work which led up to changing this outdated and in fact harmful practice heralded the arrival of Commissioning123’s three stages of Completion & Commissioning which are; define the work to be done [Stage I – Prepare], carry out the work as defined [Stage II – Execute], finish off, deliver as planned and leave in an orderly manner [Stage III – Close-out & Handover]. Commissioning123 packaged Stages I, II & III into a unique, modern and ground-breaking product which through simple & straightforward web access brings to the market the world’s first Commissioning superstore where everything needed to successfully Commission & Complete a project is made available.