About Us

Every process, whatever it may be, has a start a middle and an end, Commissioning123 is no different, the only difference is in the terminology. Here in Commissioning 123 our start is called Preparation, the middle is known as Execution and the end is called Close-out & Handover. In Stage terminology this becomes; Preparation – Stage 1, Execution – Stage 2 and Close-out/Handover – Stage 3. And collectively it all becomes Commissioning123.

Commissioning123 is the first company to offer a web based service where the entire portfolio of Commissioning; methodology, documentation, processes, procedures & templates reside in one place ready to go to work at the push of a button. Our core team of seasoned experts has worked across a global project landscape focussing on delivering those activities which reside ‘at the top of the ‘S’ curve’, and from the experience we gained in doing so we have created an enviable client base, track record & peer reputation which we have incorporated into our service; Commissioning123.

The past can’t be changed but Commissioning123 could change the future. We are the first web based product aimed specifically at Completions & Commissioning. We believe that by getting Completions & Commissioning right your chances of delivering your project on time, in budget and to specification are greatly increased.


Major challenges presented themselves to Commissioning managers in the 70’s who were charged with accepting and taking over that which had been built [by Construction] and then being expected to complete the remaining work on time, on schedule, within cost and with no faults whatsoever.

This was the time when the founders of Commissioning123 realised that to combat this outdated approach , a system needed to be developed which would see the throughput of work between Construction and Commissioning organised in such a way that it could be made to happen as it was intended and not just by chance as often was the case.

Opportunities arose on further involvement across an extensive range of global projects and these pioneering work methods were perfected progressively over many years until they became the norm. Why? Quite simply because they worked. Commissioning123 has now packaged this methodology and is making it available to everyone.

Here in Commissioning123 we know that we are experts in our field with a track record to prove it; we are practiced in what we preach and exceptionally experienced in all aspects of Commissioning. We claim with confidence and conviction that we can provide Commissioning solutions to meet your needs.